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 WASC Action Plan

Section A: Organization for Student Learning
(26 pages - 217kb)
  • A1. School Purpose Criterion
  • A2. Governance Criterion
  • A3. School/program Leadership Criterion
  • A4. Staff Criterion
  • A5. School Environment Criterion
  • A6. Reporting Student Progress Criterion
  • A7. School Improvement Criterion

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Section B: Curriculum and Instruction
(16 pages - 148kb)
  • B1. What Students Learn
  • B2. How Students Learn
  • B3. How Assessment is Used

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Section C: Support for Student Personal and Academic Growth
(11 pages - 106kb)
  • C1. Student Connectedness Criterion
  • C2. Community/Business Involvement Criterion

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Section D: Resource Management & Development
(7 pages - 96kb)
  • D1. Resources Criterion
  • D2. Resource Planning Criterion

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School-wide Action Plan Chart
(11 pages - 149kb)

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