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Career Pathways

What is a Career Pathway?

A career pathway is a coherent sequence of rigorous academic and technical courses that prepare students for successful completion of state academic standards and support transition to more advance post secondary coursework related in a career area of interest. Career pathway courses are connected to the real world. People working in each career area serve as advisors for the courses. With their help, teachers design courses that respond to up-to the minute needs and advances.

What this means is that…

1. Career pathways help students meet high school graduation requirements.

2. Career pathways help students know if they need education beyond high school and what kind of education they should get.

3. Career pathways help students understand and prepare for entry into the work world.

4. Career pathways keep students interested in what they’re learning in school.

Industrial Technology Pathway

Construction Technology I,II

Automotive Technology I,II

Auto Painting I,II

Welding and Metal Fabrication

Health & Services Pathway

Careers in Education I,II

Criminal Justice-Forensic Science

Culinary Arts

First Responders Fire Science & EMT

Registered Dental Assisting

Medical Careers I,II

Business & Technology


Retail Floral Design /Event Planning

Merchandising Occupations

Computer/ Web/ Programming Technology

Web, Graphics, Digital Design


 2017-2018 course catalog

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