• Automotive Technology

  • working on engine


    team work


        Certifications available

    • S/P2 Certification
    • All Data Certification
    • Shop Key Certification
    • Valvoline Certification 
    • ASE Exam Preparation



    • Students receive a total of 30 elective credits
    • SLZUSD students may receive a Math Credit
      (Must speak with school counselor)     


        Other benefits

    • UC “g” Course Credit
    • SkillsUSA Competition

        Articulations/Dual Enrollment

    • College Credit available through Chabot College





    Automotive Technology I P introduces students to standard automotive repair and maintenance, through online industry safety training, instructional content and hands-on shop work.

    Students will learn how to maintain a shop, and work in teams to diagnose and solve problems. They will become familiar with the systems of a car, the names of parts, and how each system informs and interacts with the other.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Function and name of auto parts
    • Front end alignment
    • Safety, fasteners, hand tool identification and usage
    • Vehicle systems
    • Electrical fundamentals
    • Service information access and use
    • Automotive chemical and fluid applications
    • Hazardous waste handling
    • General shop equipment usage
    • Vehicle servicing
    • Troubleshooting, Analysis, and Shop Practices

    Students will be exposed to the automotive business and industry, and be provided with entry-level job skills.


    Automotive Technology II expands students’ knowledge, experience, and workplace readiness by assuming the leadership roles of manager, instructor and mentor.

    Students will apply appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge while leading shop operations and being asked to “train” their crews. They will develop and utilize critical thinking skills to recognize and thoughtfully investigate the root causes of problems, and persevere in solving them.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Advanced technical skills and essential worker traits
    • Further development of work ethic
    • Organizational and leadership skills
    • Diagnostics and repair

    For students seeking specialized training designed to meet standards set by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).