• Culinary Science

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  •      Certifications available

    • ServSafe Food Handler's Certification


    • Students receive a total of 30 elective credits

        Other benefits

    • UC “g” Course Credit
    • SkillsUSA Competition
    • UC Honors Designation (2nd year)

        Articulations/Dual Enrollment

    • College credit available through Diablo Valley College





    Culinary Science I P introduces students to theories and hands-on experience in the field of culinary arts, including an introduction to the world of food preparation, travel, and the tourism industry.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Fundamentals of food preparation and presentation
    • Kitchen safety and sanitation
    • Nutrition
    • Menu development
    • Event planning
    • Food-cost & control
    • Customer service and entrepreneurship
    • Management skills
    • Culinary skills
    • Knife skills
    • Pastry

    Students will acquire culinary skills needed for careers in the restaurant, travel, catering, and food service industries.


    Culinary Science II P expands students’ knowledge and skills by providing the opportunity to work in an industry grade commercial kitchen setting, as well as opportunities to interact with industry partners and experts via guest presentations and/or visiting local industries.

    Students will participate by completing a variety of advanced level hands-on tasks and longer projects that serve to assist them in demonstrating competency in all phases of food service and food production.

    Students will participate in a capstone project and a series of labs that progress toward mastery of the college and career readiness skills, and competencies for an entry level position. Students will acquire entry level culinary skills needed for careers in the restaurant, travel, catering, and food service industries.