• Welding Technology


    Welding Technology I P introduces students to welding through an integration with mathematics, science, and writing.

    Students will study theory and practical applications pertaining to a variety of welding processes, as well as metal forming and fabrication.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Blueprint reading
    • Welding terminology
    • Gas metal arc & Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    • Oxy-Acetylene & Plasma Arc Cutting
    • Metal Fabrication and Tool use
    • Shielded Metal Arc & Flux Cored Arc Welding
    • Hands-on experience to reinforce instruction


    Welding Technology II P expands students’ knowledge, experience and training in critical thinking and leadership pertaining to welding and metal fabrication.

    Students will better understand various employment opportunities such as engineering, metal fabrication, and materials joining.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Welding inspection
    • Sales
    • Management
    • Advance experience in joining and fastening materials
    • Observation and Evaluation of welded products.

    Students will be prepared for a variety of careers, including certified welders, engineers and inspectors.



    • Students receive a total of 30 elective credits
    • SLZUSD students may receive a Math Credit (Must speak with school counselor)

    Articulations/Dual Enrollment

    • College Credit available through Chabot College

    Other benefits

    • UC “g” Course Credit
    • Students have the opportunity to participate in the SkillsUSA Competition.

    Eligibility & Requirements

    • High school junior or senior
    • Students must be enrolled in one of the following districts: Castro Valley USD, Hayward USD, San Leandro USD, or San Lorenzo USD.



    No cost for high school students.