• Merchandising Occupations

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  •     Pre-requisite

    • Special Education or Department of Rehabilitation Client


    • Students receive a total of 30 elective credits




    Merchandising I introduces Special Education students to workforce readiness skills, life skills, and social skills with the intention of helping them become more independent. Merchandising students must have an IEP with transition goals written into their plan.

    Merchandising students will work with the “School to Career” curriculum and will move to a work-based learning site. Students will learn on the job and be paid for their internship.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • How to find a job
    • Skills for success
    • Career planning
    • Job satisfaction awareness
    Merchandising II students will continue to build upon the Merchandising I skills. Students who are ready are offered the opportunity to develop advanced leadership skills by becoming team leaders in the classroom. They will aid the teacher as an assistant fielding questions and helping organize the classroom activities.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Interview skills
    • Transition skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Computer Technology skills
    • Entrepreneurship skills
    • Using credit and budget planning