• Careers in Education


        Certifications available

    • CA Child Development Permit
    • American Heart Association -
      Basic Life Support (BLS)
      Cardiopulmonary Resusitation (CPR)
    • First Aid Infant and Child
    • Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED)


    • Students receive a total of 30 elective credits

        Other benefits

    • UC “g” Course Credit
    • Students will be placed in an internship at an elementary, preschool, daycare or youth program of their choice.

        Articulations/Dual Enrollment

    • College Credit available through Chabot College





    Careers in Education I P introduces students to the developmental stages of children from conception through adolescence, including the principle theories of development and their application.

    Students explore broad research about human behavior, helping them understand their own behavior, as well as that of children at a deeper level. Students meet in-class two days a week at 3 hours per day and participate in the internship component 3 days per week.

    Selection of skills learned throughout the course:

    • Human behavior as it relates to yourself and others
    • Growth & development of children
    • Mechanisms of learning
    • Memory and Intelligence
    • Thinking and processing

    Students will be exposed to job career opportunities in the education field, a variety of teaching techniques, employment preparation, and safety precautions as they apply to school emergency procedures.

    Careers In Education II P students will identify their personal educational values while learning more about cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and physical development. This program provides students with classroom and work-based training, including placements to assist teachers in preschool, elementary school, and special education programs.

    Selection of skills and knowledge learned throughout the course:

    • Developmentally appropriate lesson planning
    • Hands-on approaches as they apply to theory
    • Learning how to meet children at their level, and how to scaffold and build upon what they know
    • Learning how to meet the whole needs of children, both academic and socio-emotional well being
    • Problem solving and Critical thinking
    • Child guidance

    This program provides students with classroom and work- based training where they receive college/career training in early childhood education.