• Main line: (510) 293-2900
    Fax Number: (510) 293-8325
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    Phelan, Bernie     Director of Educational Services Eden Area ROP Center       510 293-2904        
    Kelly, Lauren Assistant Director of Educational Services Eden Area ROP Center 510 293-2903
    Teacher on Special Assignment
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    Maynard, Deborah       TOSA                                                   Eden Area ROP Center         510 293-2935                
    Support Staff
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    Aguilar, Jennifer Administrative Assistant Eden Area ROP Center      510 293-2943     
    Lopez, Cristal         Office Support Specialist                     Eden Area ROP Center  510 293-2934
    Castro Valley Unified School District                                                 
    Castro Valley High School     
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    Stephens, Michelle   Marketing Instructor                            Castro Valley High School  510 886-8421      
    Hayward Unified School District 
    Hayward High School     
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    Charles, Rick           Entrepreneurship Instructor  Hayward High School       510 723-3170 x61422
    Doan, Kent Cybersecurity Instructor Hayward High School 510 723-3170 x 61403
    Mt. Eden High School    
    Name  Title  Campus  Phone Number
    Jackson, Mikel Sports Medicine Instructor Mt. Eden High School    510 723-3180 x 62214
    Lee-Tatum, Vanita    Entrepreneurship Instructor                  Mt. Eden High School         510 723-3180 x 62233
    Tennyson High School     
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
     Bradford, Zennaita Entrepreneurship Instructor                  Tennyson High School        510 723-3190 x 63221  
    San Leandro Unified School District  
    San Leandro High School    
    Name                        Title Campus  Phone Number
    Jagroop, Laura    Entrepreneurship Instructor   San Leandro High School    510 618-4600 x 2402 
    Peters, Angel Medical Careers Instructor San Leandro High School   510 618-4600 x 2343
    San Lorenzo Unified School District   
    Arroyo High School      
    Name    Title Campus  Phone Number
    Charlton, Christina  Marketing Instructor                    Arroyo High School                510 317-4000 x 4180   
    San Lorenzo High School      
    Name  Title Campus  Phone Number
    O'Connell, Michael Criminal Justice Instructor                  San Lorenzo High School       510 317-3169