• Attendance

  • Eden Area ROP High School students are students who attend one of the participating high schools as a junior or senior. Regardless of age, high school students must have parental consent to be excused from class or be excused from class early.

    The only exception is for emancipated minors. Forms are available upon request from the Director’s Office.



    Please call (510) 293-2909 to report your son or daughter’s absence between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

    Please leave a message with their full name, if a student is AM or PM, the class the student is in, and the reason for his/her absence.


    The following are considered reasons for an EXCUSED absence

    • Note from a medical doctor stating that the student was physically unable to attend class given to Instructor.
    • Administratively approved absences.  (Example: state testing)
    • Extenuating circumstances, as agreed to by the administration prior to the absence.

    If the parent/guardian does not call to excuse cut or the student does not bring a signed note from parent/guardian within three (3) school days, the days that they were absent will be considered a CUT and the student will not be permitted to make up any missed work. For the purposes of this policy, whenever a student is not present in a class at least 95% of the time, completion certificates will not be issued and credit may be denied. All absences, excused and unexcused, count toward the 95% attendance requirement. Parents who wish to appeal the denial of credit may do so with the instructor. Students must make up missed time for credit to be issued unless previously approved by administration.




    Students may not leave the campus once they arrive without confirmed permission.

    Students leaving the Hayward Center campus during class time must have an “Off Grounds Pass” issued by the Attendance Office. High school students must have a note or a telephone call from a parent/guardian before a pass is issued. Students are not to leave their classroom without permission and a hall pass issued by their instructor. Only one student will be permitted out of a class at a time unless approved by administration.

    Students who are found out of class without prior permission and without a hall pass are considered truant and will receive a cut for the day and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by Administration.




    If you need a letter of verification, please download the following form and send/bring it to the Attendance Office. Please note that all requests will be completed within 3 days of the submitted request before 11 AM. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    Attendance Verification Request (CLICK HERE)

    *Any records prior to 1989 are not available at the Eden Area ROP Hayward Center. You must request these records through the Hayward Unified School District. Note that you will have to refer to the school as New Haven.