• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is R.O.P.?

    R.O.P. stands for Regional Occupational Program, which is part of the State public education system that provides technical job training for high school juniors, seniors, and adults.

    Who is Eligible for R.O.P.?

    The only qualification for adults enrolling in an R.O.P. course is to attend an orientation prior to registration. R.O.P. is open to all juniors, seniors currently enrolled in an educational school, and adults 16 years of age and older.

    Are all R.O.P.'s the same? Do they offer the same classes?

    There are 72 R.O.P.'s in the State of California. Each are operated differently and not affiliated with each other. Programs offered through each R.O.P. differ according to the local employment demand.

    Is Bus Transportation Provided?

    Yes - free of charge for high school students enrolled in an R.O.P. course at the Hayward Center. Buses transport students from their home school to the Hayward Center and return.

    Can I Earn College Credit through R.O.P.?

    Yes, some programs offers college credit and/or advanced placement units to students enrolled in R.O.P. courses that sequence into approved community college courses in the same occupational training area.

    How Do I Enroll in an R.O.P. Course?

    High school students sign up for R.O.P. at their regular programming time in early Spring. Students will be notified by mail that they have been enrolled in R.O.P. During the summer, a letter will be sent home explaining the start of R.O.P. for September. Go to your counselor or guidance staff for pre-registration sign-up or call Eden Area R.O.P. at (510)293-2900 for information or help.

    What About Earning High School Credit?

    All R.O.P.s are fully accredited for high school credit as determined by the local high school. Some courses have also been approved to satisfy certain graduation requirements - approval varies with each district. All courses award credit based upon completion of course competencies, hours of attendance and passing grade.

    What is the Cost of an R.O.P. Course?

    There is no cost for high school students. Adults pay a registration fee plus the cost of their materials and textbooks. R.O.P. does not charge tuition.

    Does R.O.P. Offer Financial Assistance?

    No - as part of the public schools system, R.O.P. is non profit; therefore, adults are responsible for covering their program costs.

    What is Career Prep?

    Career Prep is a sequence of classes starting in the 11th grade and targeted towards attainment of an Associate Degree at Chabot College and possible continuation at a four-year college. It involves curriculum integration, applying academic skills in practical situations. It is a parallel college preparatory program coordinating instruction with a common core of math, science, communication and technologies.

    Cooperative Vocational Education (CO-OP Paid Work Experience)
    Some R.O.P. courses offer students who can demonstrate sufficient job skill competence, the opportunity to gain paid on-the-job experience working part-time in related employment within the business community. R.O.P. courses that utilize the CO-OP component are:

    Business & Finance Academy
    Business Ownership & Management
    Marketing Education
    Retail Floral Design (afternoon only)

    Will R.O.P. find me a job?

    There are no job placement services provided by Eden Area R.O.P. However, there are job listings available in the STAR / Technology Center.

    Does R.O.P. Offer GED Classes?

    Adult schools offer high school diploma and GED preparation classes. The focus of R.O.P. is to provide technical training in preparation for employment, career advancement, job skills updating or to pursue higher education.

    Does the R.O.P. Offer Guidance and Counseling Services?

    Eden Area R.O.P. offers a variety of services to potential and enrolled R.O.P. students. These support services include interest/aptitude assessment, career planning assistance, educational and occupational information and student follow-up.

    Are there any Student Clubs or Organizations in R.O.P.?

    Yes! Students enrolled in Eden Area R.O.P. are encouraged to participate in a Vocational Student Organization (VSO) associated with their course. Students in a VSO participate in organized competitions, develop leadership skills and meet with other students interested in their career field.

    DECA - An Association of Marketing Students
    FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America
    FHA/HERO - Future Homemakers of America/Home Economics Related Occupations
    HOSA - Health Occupations Students of America
    VICA - Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

    Do I Have to Attend Class Daily?

    All students are required to attend their R.O.P. class every day unless officially excused.

    Is R.O.P. Offered During the Summer?

    In the spring, information will be available on courses offered through R.O.P. during the summer. Students must provide their own transportation. Successful completion of a summer R.O.P. course may earn high school graduation credit based on hours of attendance and passing grade.

    For additional information or questions:

    High School Students call (510)293-2950 or e-mail Jasmine Vance
    Adults call (510)293-2910 or e-mail Adult Information