• Ken Morris, Descendent of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington

    Visits the Eden Area ROP


    Ken Morris, the great, great, great grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great, great grandson of Booker T. Washington visited the Eden Area ROP in late October. He presented to over two hundred students from various courses including First Responders, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Careers in Education, Culinary, and Dental.  Educators throughout Alameda County from EAROP, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Fremont, Pleasanton, and the surrounding area also heard Mr. Morris’s talk regarding his lineage, the importance of education, and the necessity to teach our young people on the realities of contemporary slavery.


    Ken Morris did his best to run away from his civil rights lineage, as he established a successful career in advertising. However, upon reading a daunting article concerning human trafficking and doing further research, Morris was deeply troubled with what he learned. Throughout the world and in America’s very own backyard, human beings as young as twelve years old are being bought, sold, and exploited. Morris thought of his own young daughters, “I went into [their] room, and I wasn’t able to look them in their eyes. I realized that I had this platform that my ancestors had built through struggle and through sacrifice. I knew I could stand up and do something about this crime.” This pivotal moment ultimately led to the creation of The Frederick Douglass Family Initiative (www.fdfi.org), a non-profit organization aimed at utilizing education to abolish slavery in all of its forms.

    Ken Morris