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Early College Credit & CATEMA 

Some of the courses you have taken at your high school or through ROP may be eligible for credit articulation at Chabot College. Eligible courses have been articulated with each High School & ROP and Chabot College and are posted on our list of articulated courses. “Articulated course” means that the high school course is an equivalent of the college course and has been approved by Chabot College.


If your articulated course for your High School/ROP has been approved by Chabot College, perform the following steps:

  • Apply to Chabot College (through CCC Apply) to obtain your student identification number (W #) before the winter break of each academic year.

  • You must apply for the Spring semester in order to receive articulated credit. You must apply even if you have a W # from a prior year.

  • You must have a W# from Chabot College in order to apply for articulated credit through CATEMA. 


CATEMA Registration


Once you have received your student identification number (W#), register on Chabot College's web-based application (CATEMA). CATEMA is an online portal that permits college and secondary teachers/staff to manage articulation credit. This is the only way that you will be able to obtain credit from Chabot College. Reference the CATEMA Student Quick Start Guideif you need assistance, or speak with your high school or ROP teacher. 

Your teacher must enter final grades of A or B in CATEMA for you to earn articulated credit by examination. Teachers will submit grades to Chabot College through CATEMA at the end of spring semester.

Chabot College will transcribe articulated coursework credits by July 30 of each academic year. To confirm your college credit, log into ClassWeb with your W# and Personal Identification Number (PIN). For official college transcripts, visit Chabot College Admissions Office Transcript Request page


CATEMA Resources 

The teacher/counselor guide below has all the crucial information to understand all the parts of the articulation process/CCC Apply/Chabot College application/CATEMA for high school and ROP staff. 

The slide deck below can be used in class to go through all the steps with students.