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Success Stories



When I first started attending EAROP, I didn't imagine I would gain all the knowledge, experience, and skills I would benefit from being a student here. When I became part of the WIOA program, the same thing crossed my mind; I didn't fully understand all I would gain from it. Ms. Stephanie had given me plenty of information on what the program consisted of and broke it down for me, but I worried and wondered if she was going to be able to find an internship I enjoyed and one that aligned with the career I want to pursue. 

Ms. Stephanie met with me often to talk about internships, which one I preferred most, and which one matched up with my interests, career goals, and characteristics best. I mentioned to her that one at JP's restaurant would fit best because I enjoy the culinary science industry. I have worked as a host before and it directly relates to my future career goals. Ms. Stephanie provided me with documentation, advice for professionalism in the workplace, and would soon place me at JP's restaurant in Castro Valley. 

Ms. Stephanie completed all the documentation she had to complete at her end, and so did I. I was placed at JP's restaurant and am close to completing my 30 hour internship later this week! I have learned many new skills, knowledge, and experience by working with professionals! I enjoy it and look forward to attending each day. I was gifted a Servesafe certification exam and textbook by a colleague and after I pass it I can be hired almost anywhere as a manager! I feel content and comfortable at the restaurant each day! In addition, the restaurant owner/operator would love to hire me soon. I am much more happy and comfortable at this site than I was in my prior job as a host. I am excited and looking forward to this opportunity! 

Avelino Cortes


When I first started my journey at Eden Area ROP, I had no idea how to put a resume together, and even less a professional one. I would hear my classmates talk about resumes from time to time, but I couldn't wrap my head around what a professional resume looked like, or what it included.

While I was enrolled in the WIOA program, Ms. Stephanie supported me with resume tips, interviewing tips, and even gave me a copy of her most updated resume. She told me I could keep these packets along with her resume, so I could use it as reference in the future.

In college, I have been able to use these informational packets Ms. Stephanie gave me, which we went over together at ROP. This was also helpful. I kept them all this time, and it they have helped me significantly in college. Recently, I was able to edit, fix, and present a professional resume of mine in my English class, as an assignment at CSU East Bay. I got a high grade, and for that I am proud and thankful for Ms. Stephanie and the WIOA program!



When I first arrived at ROP I found it very difficult to ask my peers, teachers here and at my home school, clarifying questions when I found myself confused or lost. I was shy, and not outspoken, and in great need of support to look for a job; I needed lots of help every step of the way. I wanted to take on new opportunities, but I didn't have the confidence in doing so, so I didn't get out of my comfort zone.

I am so happy and proud I made the decision to join the WIOA program at ROP. Ms. Stephanie would pull me out of class monthly and bi-monthly to support me in finding a job, building self-confidence and self-esteem, looking into careers, majors, and she even supported my family and I in the process of changing a class I was in at my home high school when I felt discriminated against. Ms. Stephanie would check-in with me about my mental health, she always asked how school and home was going for me. In addition, she provided me with opportunities during and after high school such as programs in college, employment websites, resume and interviewing skills. Ms. Stephanie even gave me her sample resume for me to use as reference, which I still have, and will use to help guide me as I update my resume and for when I am applying for new jobs in the coming days.

I have received countless forms of support from Ms. Stephanie, which helped me prepare for the job and college courses I am on now. Because of Ms. Stephanie's advice and support, I am now comfortable with asking questions at work, so I can learn new skills, and perform my job duties in the correct manner. At school, I feel at ease asking questions when I am unsure of something, I'm learning and adapting more because of all her help. I learned job skills from Ms. Stephanie, that I use each day while on the job. I am more than excited to get out of my comfort zone, be outspoken and feel proud afterwards!


Ignacio A

When I arrived at Eden Area ROP, I wasn't aware of the WIOA program. As a participant in the WIOA program, I found myself struggling to finish my internship: painting the entire Automotive Collision and Refinishing shop and golf cart, with just 2 other classmates. I got to a point where I thought we wouldn't finish this internship on time. We were close to the end of the school year, and I didn't see us completing the job.

Ms. Stephanie along with my teacher always assured me if I needed support, I could go to them. Ms. Stephanie supported me with advice, introduced me with the on site business staff, and I found myself with more awareness of the major I was interested in.

I am happy I was given the opportunity to complete a 30 hour internship with the WIOA program. I learned that through hard work, dedication, perserverance, and making small changes in life, can make a big difference. Looking at the completion of the shop at the end of the year, made me realize I am able to do whatever I work hard at, especially with support! That makes a big difference!

Denis S.

When I first enrolled in the WIOA program I wasn't aware of all the benefits, resources, and successful outcomes it came with. A challenge I faced when I arrived at Eden Area ROP, was writing well-written essays, both professionally and academically. This was a significant challenge for me.

While in the WIOA program, Ms. Stephanie and I had many in office visits to work one-on-one on my San Francisco State University Presidential Personal Essay and thank you letter. Ms. Stephanie provided me with step-by-step advice and support, through several sessions of editing and re-reading. This guidance made me gain a strong, powerful, convincing essay, and thank you letter.

Because of Ms. Stephanie's support and advice, I gained confidence in my writing, I learned new things about myself along the way, and this showed me there's no reason why students can't succeed with this kind of support from the WIOA program. WIOA offers many benefits to not succeed, and the $1000.00 scholarship was an additional motivation to continue to move forward successfully in high school.

Today, I am one of the recipients of the San Francisco State University Presidential scholarships! With all honesty, I feel that I received the initial interview and scholarship because of Ms. Stephanie. This is a full ride scholarship, which is covering my tuition, fees, housing, books, special curricular activities, and one fully paid semester studying abroad! SFSU was the #1 college I wanted to attend. I am beyond thankful for Ms. Stephanie and almost 10 hours of her time, patience, kindness, and support!