• Eden Area ROP students are welcome to explore the presentation below. It includes live links that will take you to your desired destination. You will be able to explore: 

    1) What to think about over the summer

    2)  CA CareerZone - Explore different careers and access tools that can assist you with your future plans 

    3) Information about Internships and possible employment opportunities 

    4) Apprenticeship information and how to prepare to become an apprentice after you graduate high school

    5) Scholarship galore. Tips on how to stand out in your scholarship essay. There are scholarships for EVERYONE so please click on all the links provided and apply away 🙂 - you can also email me at ssidhu@edenrop.org if you need someone to read your essay before you submit. I will also be happy to write you a letter of recommendation. 

    6) College planning resources - one stop shop to websites that will help you plan for your future

    7) Resources and guides to help students interested in attending Chabot College

    8) Pathway information from EAROP to Chabot College - understand the process ! 

    9) Interested in joining the Military? Well you will be able to explore the different branches and learn how you can join! 

    10) Finally - you will find resources to help with:

             - Self-Awareness

             - Self-Management  

             - Responsible Decision Making

             - Relationship Skills

    Please explore away and don't hesitate to contact me with questions and assistance. Above all else, be safe and stay healthy. 

    Sukhi SidhuCareer Counselor 

    Summer Planning 2020